Consular Services

A. To arrange return of dead body to home land

If anybody died in Nepal, the Consular Section will render possible administrative help to the deceased family to return or to send the dead body. Moreover, the dead body can be buried with the request of the concerned family members or relatives. In that case, required documents are-

1. Nationality Certificate
2. Photocopy of information pages of Passport/Travel Permit
3. Details information about the job  including the place of job, details name of the employer and other details (if any)

B. To arrange sending detained Bangladeshis in abroad

If any Bangladeshi is detained or jailed in abroad, the Consular Wing will take administrative steps to send them back to home land if the Consular Wing gets name, passport number, place of arrest or detention and telephone number. In that case, the deainee or his/her close relatives should give detailed address to Consular Wing with an application so that the Wing can help.

C. One Stop Liaison Cell

Consular Wing has a established One Stop Liaison Cell to facilitate necessary help to any service seeker.

D. Compensation

If any Bangladeshi died in abroad during service, the Consular Wing will extend administrative help to arrange for his compensation on the basis of application from the legal heir of the deceased. In that case Consular Wing will require -

1. Passport or Identity Card of the person
2. Employer’s Address, Place of date and causes of date
3. Detail address of the applicant
4. Inherent certificate

E. Attestation of the Documents

Under certain terms and conditions, the Consular Wing used to do the job of attestation of the following category:

1. Board/University Certificates
2. Family Certificate & Marital Documents
3. Birth & Death Certificates
4. Unmarried Certificates
5. Guardianship Certificates
6. Police Clearance Certificates
7. Commercial Certificates
8. Power of Attorney
9. Translated Documents

F. Consular Wing does not attest the following documents:

1. Bio-Data
2. Visa Application
3. Any application for help
4. Papers relating to Business
5. Government Circular, Gazette, Government Orders, etc.