Celebration of Bangla New Year 1422

The Bangladesh Embassy in Kathmandu organized a Boishakhi Mela at the Chancery premises on 14 April 2015 to celebrate “Pohela Boishakh” Bangla New Year in a festive and joyous manner.


The day’s programme began with a Pitha festival where a variety of traditional home made pitha and other traditional bangle sweets were offered to the invited guests. This was followed by traditional Bangali games such as, Satchaara, Hari Bhanga, Sui-a-Suta Porano, Balish khela, Panta bhaat khawa, etc., which were widely participated by the invited guests with spontaneity and great enthusiasm. The second part of the programme consisted of a cultural programme where Bangla songs and poetry were recited. The Bangla New Year coincides with the Nepali New Year and a large number of Nepalese students and youth participated in the cultural programme to celebrate the New Year of the two peoples symbolizing the historic cultural linkage between the two countries.


The day’s programme ended with a mini Bangladesh Food Festival showcasing typical Bangladeshi cuisine, including Ilish pantaa, Khichuri, various kinds of Bhorta, kachaa kathal curry, etc.


The programme was attended by H.E. the Ambassador, offices and members of the staff of the Mission, representatives of the SAARC secretariat, Bangladesh Biman officials, distinguished Nepali guests and the expatriate Bangladesh community living in Kathmandu.